Parth, an Indian student at University of Canterbury

Parth, University of Canterbury


Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management, University of Canterbury

Having studied Civil Engineering at university and polytechnic in Mumbai, India, Parth had a goal to widen his engineering knowledge through master’s study in New Zealand.

‘I aim to gain experience in all kinds of Construction segments in different countries,’ he says.

Living in New Zealand as an international student was initially a big change from India, but he quickly found the new environment to be a welcome experience.

‘I come from a city where the population is 20 million. The population is scarce here and many more such surprises came along. But, it wasn’t much of a problem adjusting here. Once you have lived in India you can adjust in any part of the world.

‘You can take the Indian out of India, but you can’t take India out of the Indian,’ he jokes.

Choosing to attend UC, Parth decided to study the MEngSt in Construction Management because of his ‘love and interest in construction’.

‘UC is well-known for its Civil Department,’ he says. ‘The system and approach towards studies is relaxed. This is an excellent field to be associated with due to present market needs.

Indeed, the Christchurch rebuild has presented many new job opportunities for engineering graduates, with Parth taking up a role as a Structural Engineer for Urban Structural Services Ltd.

I undertake visual inspections and assessments and prepare an Engineering Report to determine the damage to the properties in Canterbury region struck by the series of Canterbury earthquakes over the years. Based on the inspection and review of other documents available, I describe in general the damage caused as a result of the earthquakes and recommend a global structural reinstatement strategy based on EQC and Insurance standards.’

The experience has been invaluable for Parth and he sees the opportunity to have a brilliant career.

In the coming decade I see my company enterprising multi-million dollar projects,’ he says. ‘I have learnt a lot about the construction of houses in NZ (as it is totally different from the structures what I have worked on in India). I share my desk with a bunch of experts and well-experienced professionals from whom I learn things which no book could teach.’